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A Life of Learning

Doris McCarthy was a deeply committed life-long learner, beginning an undergraduate degree at age 63 as a part-time student at UTSC. This digital exhibit demonstrates and illustrates her deep commitment and curiosity, by examining her time with the Canadian Girls in Training, her Early Education - including her coursework at OCA, her time at the Central Technical Schools, and her accomplishments at UTSC, as a Creative Writing Undergraduate.

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Doris McCarthy Gallery

Doris was a mainstay of both the UTSC and the Scarborough community. As such, in the early 2000s, a decision was made to name the UTSC campus gallery in her honour. The gallery opened in 2004, with an inaugural exhibit of Doris’ work. This digital exhibit examines the history of the DMG.

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European Adventures

Throughout her long career, Doris visited Europe many times, making the trip solo or with friends. This digital exhibit shows her numerous paths as well as the art work that resulted from the visits.

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Exploring the Canadian Wilderness

Much of Doris’ iconic work captures the Canadian landscape in varying degrees of abstraction. In this digital exhibit, take a virtual tour of the dozens of locations in Canada that Doris travelled to and drew inspiration from.

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Banner Fool’s Paradise

Fool’s Paradise

Fool’s Paradise embodies and represents the numerous different traits that Doris McCarthy possessed - her fearless and passionate approach to art and life. She had a great deal of influence on the design of this home, located in the Scarborough Bluffs and that now serves as an artist residency program. This digital exhibit documents the history of Fool’s Paradise, and includes images Doris created of her beautiful home.

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Banner for Worldly Travels - 1961

Worldly Travels - 1961

Doris McCarthy was a life long traveller before it was more commonplace. She often ventured to places that at the time had limited tourist infrastructures. She would often capture these locations in her artwork. This digital exhibit captures her worldly travels, documenting the numerous paths she undertook in 1961.

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